Powerful and breathtaking audiovisual
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Special model for large TVs




    Special model for up to 90 inch large TVs.

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Highly memorable audiovisual experience in your own home
Matches by the world’s top players, exciting live performances and soul-shaking visual experience.
You can experience at home the same breathtaking scenes as if you were seated in a stadium or a movie theater.
Together with your family, or in comfortable solitude.
The solution for those who have resigned themselves from such joys due to room space limitations.
Here comes the "WALL INTERIOR TV STAND V4"!

Specifically designed for large size TVs.
The industry’s first TV stand for 90 inch TVs *1

*1 Based on research conducted by NAKAMURA Co. Ltd. As of December 2020

Achieved brand image triple crown in 2020. The V4, a new member of WALL series, has the first-in-the industry capability of supporting ultra-large TVs (up to 90 inch *2) . With the V4, you can install a large TV in a compact and aesthetically satisfactory fashion. Breathtaking and moving audiovisual experience is at your fingertips with the V4.

*2 Supports TVs with a weight up to 80 kg

Triple crown victory / Survey conducted by: Japan Marketing Research Organization, Inc. Survey Overview: Brand image of TV stands as of May, 2020


Large TVs with large height can be placed in lower position for comfortable viewing.
Space-saving like a wall-mount TV. Your room remains spacious and tidy even with a large TV installed.
Variety of options available to customize to your preferences. The room with a large TV becomes your favorite.
Satin white coloring that smoothly matches to the wall. The coloring suits your space, and creates an aura of beauty.
The design fits into any room styles. The large TV looks as if it were a custom-designed interior object.

FEATUREMajor features of the V4 WALL TV stand

  • Supports up to 90 inch. large TVs

    Supports up to 90 inch. Large TVs

    Specifically designed for larger TVs (50 - 90 inch, max. 80 kg)

  • Adjustable to your preferred height

    Adjustable to your preferred height

    8-position height adjustment in 50 mm / 1.97 inch pitch.
    Adjustable viewing level for optimum appreciation of large size TVs.

  • A patented 3D base

    A patented 3D base

    A 2 mm (0.08 inch) thick steel plate is used. Extremely thin and designed to minimize any level differences improves safety.

  • Universal design that allows smooth movements of a wheelchair.

    Universal design that allows smooth movements of a wheelchair

    The extremely thin 3D base will not be a problem for wheel chairs in the home.
    * Moving over the base is generally not recommended. Care should be taken against an inclination.
    * Refrain from approaching too near to the center of the base to avoid contact with the TV.

A polycarbonate sheet provided as standard
A polycarbonate sheet provided as standard
A polycarbonate sheet, provided as an option for the V2 and V3 models, comes standard with the V4 model. Place the sheet under the 3D base to facilitate smoother installation work and protect the floor surface when the setup approaches the wall.
* The use of the polycarbonate sheet does not guarantee complete prevention of generating damages and scars on the floor.
A polycarbonate sheet

Major reasons that support “exceptional” popularity of WALL TV stand V series

COLORColor schemes


There are options to customize the stand to your preferences for a life of greater variety

  • Entertainment Shelf

    Entertainment Shelf

  • Soundbar Shelf

    Soundbar Shelf

  • Interior cord covers

    Cord Cover

  • Multi device holder

    Multi-Device Holder

SPECSize, Weight

Size: W830×D520×H960 to 1,265 mm / W32.68×D20.47×H37.8 to 49.8 inch
Size of package at shipping: W880×D530×H160 mm / W34.65×D20.87×H6.3 inch
Weight: approx. 48.5 lb / 22 kg
Supported TV models: 50 to 90 inch
Withstand load: approx. 176.3 lb / 80 kg
Material: Steel (powder coating)

Beware of overloading

Number of ShelvesUp to three

Only use a maximum of 2 shelves when installing a Box Shelf.

Withstand loadper shelf

Entertainment shelf (R / L size)
Video game console shelf
11 lb / 5 kg
Box shelf
Total 22 lb / 10 kg (Top board 5kg / Interior 5kg)
Portable game holder
8.8 lb / 4 kg
Soundbar shelf (S/ M / L size)
22 lb / 10 kg
Soundbar shelf (LL size)
33 lb / 15 kg
HDD holder
Multi-device holder
3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg per rack
Example of use

Total withstand loadmax. 33 lb / 15 kg

Excluding the weight of the shelf.

As of July 2023