Beautiful everywhere
Useful everywhere
Pursuit of beauty, however intense it may be, will not deliver value if it lacks considerations to utility. Integration of TV and wall provides not only the elevated sophistication of design, but also harmony and the sense of ease which you may realize from time to time in your daily life.
Each of our unique products delivers, with its sophisticated styling, the complete set of essential qualities: design, usability, and safety.
Integration with Wall
Easy to Use
Functional Beauty
Stylish & Safety
High Strength
Smart Covering
Adjustable Design
Simple Style
No compromise was made in the colors either. “Satin black” integrates with the frame, “Satin white” blends in with the walls, also “Walnut” and “White oak” harmonize with the interior design. Coloring that fit with every style, completing the unification between TV and wall.

Our goal is the harmony with interior objects

“WALL INTERIOR TV STAND” harmonizes with your life and brings unprecedented beauty.
This TV stand aims to overturn common sense and become a new standard,
embodying the creative ingenuity of the designer, and constant thoughtfulness towards the end user.

It happened at an event at the world’s largest interior fair, Salone del Mobile. Milano, held in Milan, Italy. The study team visiting the site was fascinated by one product there. It was a “wall-mounted TV” which stood out beautifully like a painting. At that time, the concept of integrating the TV with the interior design was not there yet. For the team, the shock was immeasurable.

“How nice would it be if you could freely put the TV in various places, and at the height you want”. The shock the team experienced overseas made them set a new goal.

“More convenient and beautiful than a wall-hanging type. A stand type that is aesthetically compatible with interior design, and is easy to install anywhere. I want such an interior design TV stand”. With these passionate ideas from the study team, the planning and development team’s journey into the unknown began.

The idea that overturned the conventional wisdom

To pursue harmonized beauty as an interior object, we focused on eliminating screws and holes in the areas visible from the front. In addition, we wanted to implement a novel function, i.e. position-adjustable shelves that can be attached to any height you want.
We wanted to eliminate frustrations such as: “I want to attach it a little further up, but there is no screw hole at that height”, or “After delivery, I found I can’t use it to my preference because a hole was missing at the locations I want it to be”. To meet these requests, we have to invent a novel method other than the conventional “screw and hole” fastening. This became the largest challenge for us.

The efforts to overcome this challenge paid off abundantly in the end: they gave us the keys to solve subsequent problems. After spending days trying to invent out of the box approach replacing the “screw” and “hole” fastening, we finally reached a new “press-fix” method. This technique eliminates the need of the screw holes and use a dedicated bar to press-fix the shelf from inside. It enables the customer to attach the shelf at any desired height, and the screws are not visible from outside. It also gives a simple and beautiful external appearance.

All the members were rejoiced when, after days of trial and error, the prototype model was completed. This out-of-the-box idea was subsequently registered as an “utility model”, which also spurred us to step forward for the realization of our dream.

To avoid spoiling the scenery, all the wires can be put in the back.

Focusing on thinning the base down to 2mm (0.08 inch)

We then focused on the shape of the “base” supporting the stand. Even a small step on the floor can cause stumbling. Wherever the stand is placed in the room, it should provide free and safe movement of the people, without interfering with their passages. We wanted to develop a product we can deliver with utmost confidence.
Consultation with an architect (a first-class registered architect) revealed that “senior members and children can stumble to a step as low as 5mm (0.2 inch) on the hallway floor they are used to move around in their daily life”. How thin it should be? After repeated trials to find out an adequate thickness of the base, we reached the conclusion that it should be 2mm (0.08 inch) or less. However, an iron plate with 2mm (0.08 inch) thickness cannot provide the strength to support the TV.
After a lot of thought, we came to a design in which an iron plate is bended in low-profile pyramidal form and the TV supporting pole is situated in the highest position in the center. To secure rigidity, radially spreading reinforcement elements (like the shape of a hand) was arranged on the bottom side of the base. The interior TV stand thus completed proved the ability to withstand an earthquake up to level 7, let alone its flat and smart appearance.

The base’s back side features a “radial-shaped” reinforcement technology to increase strength.

The dream we envisioned in Milano thus came to reality. However, our challenge to create “products not to be found anywhere” does not stop here. WALL series will keep on evolving, with our persisting passion, to create products you have never seen before.

The base’s back side features a “radial-shaped” reinforcement technology to increase strength.

PRODUCT LINE UPIntroducing the full lineup of the V Series

  • V4 Floor type


    Special model for up to 90 inch large TVs.

  • V3 High type / Low type


    High specification model for 32 to 80 inch TVs.

  • V2 CASTER High type / Low type


    A free-standing model with ultra-low floor casters accommodating up to 60 inch TVs.

  • V2 Low type


    Entry model accommodating up to 60 inch TVs.

  • V5 High type / Lowt ype


    Model with ultra-low floor casters accommodating up to 80 inch TVs.