The shift in viewing styles led us to make this productWALL A2

TV is not just about watching TV programs anymore. Live streaming, games, online fitness... How well can we approach the shift in viewing styles? In order to create a new form of TV stand, our planning and development team embarked in a new challenge.

We want to make the best stand for enjoying the ever evolving TV contents!

The inspiration came from our visit to a customer, who kindly showed us the way how he used the V series. Our planning and development team couldn’t hide their amazement to know the totally unexpected ways in which he used and enjoyed our product.

Is the place where we put the TV really okay? Are we really putting it where we want?. We had a lot of confidence in our V series, but we came to doubt if we could cover so many lifestyles.

An era when TVs are used like a Smartphone

Our planning and development team had renewed discussions about the reality surrounding the TV. TVs are now connected to the internet, and have become more of a smart appliance. From something placed in the living for everyone’s use, it is becoming more like a personal device to enjoy videos, games, online fitness and other forms of entertainment. A2 development was launched aiming at a stand that can adapt the TV to one’s personal lifestyle.

The TV adapts to the place we want to watch it, and to the posture we want to take.

Up to now it was “the place where the TV is, is the place to watch TV”, but now it should be “The place where I want to use the TV, is the place for the TV”. Laying down in bed, cooking, resting on the sofa... In order to create “one’s own viewing environment” that adapts to the situation, we aimed for a compact design and shape that can be put anywhere, and the ability to tilt and change the direction of the screen.

In between compactness and stability

The challenge was to strike a balance between “miniaturization of the stand” and “strength and stability”. As the TV stand is placed in various locations off from the wall inside the user’s residence, its appearance must be free from oppressiveness and its footprint must be minimum. On the other hand, miniturization of the stand may induce instability. And most of all, it must be simple and beautiful to be loved and used.

We had repated discussions, and made many trial models for functional verification. We checked every details of the design - balancing the center of gravity, base size, support angle, screws usage, holes for routing wire - and finally arrived at the ideal compactness with sufficient stability.

The design that achieved minimum size, strength and stability.
The users will not notice the presence of castes in daily use.

“Ultra-low profile caster” - not visible externally - guarantees smooth move

It was our shared awareness that a set of casters arranged on the bottom of the base were highly desirable for moving the TV from one place to another depending on the room environment. But we could not find any commercially available casters useable to realize streamlined beauty fit to WALL series. So we decided to develop our own.

Compactness was achieved by structural adjustments, but only to induce too large loading in particular parts hindering smooth movements. Dispersing the load by increasing the number of the casters induced jerky horizontal and rotational movements. We went through repeated experiments and adjustments until we achieved a well-balanced design that provides smooth movements and external invisibility of the casters.

The sense of immersion created by the “number 7”

We want the design that quickly create the sense of immersion in any situation. The planning and development team aimed at an environment that quickly induce the sense of immersion, getting obvious to everything but the screen as if the user is watching the movie in the theater.

We finally arrived at a design that “distances the TV screen as far away as possible from the support”. By bending the normally vertical support backward, “forming the shape of number 7”, we successfully highlight the screen from the background to induce the sense of immersion easily. Additionally, the support is designed to store the cables inside, providing a neat and tidy appearance that help prevent tangling of cables when the stand is moved.

Thus the A2 was born. Although the development process was bumpy, ingenuity and passion of the plaanning and development team have successfully developed a unique product just in step with times.

The unique “number of 7” shaped frame induces the feeling that the TV is floating in space

Toshiaki Komori

planning and development group
Industrial designer Toshiaki Komori

After graduating from university, Mr. Komori worked as an interior construction managemer for apparel stores and overseas brands, then he turned to a graphic designer in the area of space production, logo, SP tool design, and advertising production. His experiences in these field gradually led him to desire expanding activities in a more fundamental area of product planning. He joined NAKAMURA Co. Ltd. in 2014, and took charge of planning WALL series products and A2. He also parcitipates in the lauching of EQUALS brand.

PRODUCT LINE UPIntroducing the full A2 Series lineup

  • A2 Low type


    A compact model providing the freedom of placing a TV almost anywhere.
    (Supports 24 to 55 inch TVs)

  • A2 High type


    The HIGH TYPE model is an ideal choice for installing monitors (24 to 55 inchs) and other equipment at elevated positions in such spaces as dining facilities and board rooms.

  • A2 Large type


    A simple and modern design (for 45 to 80 inch. TVs) that allows placing a large monitor virtually anywhere.